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ForumGłówne Role of servers tips

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fee would allow restaurants to keep prices down but would cause pay to drop for many servers. Some establishments are trying to do away with tipping ,cheap jordans for sale, but full-service restaurants haven?t had much luck. ?Pathway to $15? The Minnesota Restaurant Industry on Tuesday launched a campaign called ? Pathway to $15 ? in which the minimum wage would rise to $15 for employers with fewer than 250 workers,cheap jordans online, including cooks and dishwashers, by 2024. Tips would be counted toward wages for servers, and if someone doesn?t earn $15 per hour over a pay period,cheap jordans for sale, the business must make up the difference. ?We do want $15 an hour to pass. But we want our wages to stay at $9.50,? said Bryan Campbell,, a bartender at Northbound Smokehouse and Brewpub who is organizing a listening session at the bar on Monday. ?If we don?t make that $5.50 in tips, we want the employer to be on the hook for that, but realistically,jordans for cheap, you can work at a Perkins in Albertville and make $5.50 an hour in tips.? According to the Department of Labor?s statistics , waiters in the Twin Cities earn a median wage, including tips, of $9.07 per hour. The estimated wage for bartenders is $9.36 per hour. Hodges cited similar figures in her essay, and the data are a strong argument for those opposed to recognizing tips as wages. But Campbell calls the number ?alternative facts,? adding,jordans for cheap, ?I was making $20 an hour serving at a bar in Inver Grove Heights when I was 18 years old in 1998.? To the extent the figures are wrong, however, restaurants

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