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attorney with extensive experience in sexual assault cases. This outside expert won?t meet with those involved. Instead, they will review the case file and already filed paperwork.

Other changes,cheap retro jordans, include an addition to the?consent section to make it clear that coercion includes financial threats or threats to a person?s reputation.

Another change will be the inclusion of witness names on reports. Currently, witness are just identified by number, making it hard for those accused or those making the complaint to rebut anything said.

The changes come as U-M,cheap retro jordans, like many campuses across the nation, finds itself dealing with a rising number of sexual assault cases and criticism from those accused of rape and those who have been assaulted.

Last year, a survey of students on U-M's campus by the Association of American Universities found that roughly 77%? of female U-M students who say they were victims of nonconsensual sexual penetration by force never reported the assault. Of those who

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Us cheap jordan shoes or Me - T

Translating cheap retro jordans
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